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Hi all

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Re: Hi all

Post by AmberPhoebe on Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:23 am

welcome to the forum



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Re: Hi all

Post by Chrismarke on Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:51 pm

Hello! I call mark, youth has done many colorful dream, when a fly is one of my dream, I have a broad ideal that I want to be a pilot, so I like blue and silver, it represents I want to fly to the sky. I stands 178, is an introverted person, so I like reading various books, like, of course, my favorite cartoon, don't know whether we have another I like the death of the classic, cartoon classic! I enjoy traveling in books, here also hope to and I have the same hobbies.
My hobby is widespread in the biggest advantage is helpful, I this person is typical of hot intestines, later you who have difficulty, if only I could help you, I must say, although in care!!!! Gu im hot for -english call, I this person is very good, you will get to know me. Ha ha. I like winter best, and no special reason, autumn too sad, summer is too warm, and spring too mild, but in winter, between four and can make a person calm, make person..... I like winter best proud, indomitable quality is my goal of learning, I most like the snowflake, insist to the destination. I'm new here, and I hope we will become the friend!!


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